November 20, 2008 Kennedy Elementary School

Lipan Apache Band of Texas Presentation by Richard and Anita
Eagle Pass, TX
Photos by Anita Anaya and Richard
Copyright Lipan Apache Band of Texas
Kennedy Elementary Teacher: Eva Gonzalez Perez (Richard's aunt) learning how to setup the tipi. It was in the 60s and very cold for them. Kennedy Elementary morning presentation. Kennedy Elementary morning presentation. k1 The school Principal and Richard.
...and the Buffalo were very big! Anita and Richard would hold two classes at a time in the tipi consisting of about 40 students. k8 k9 k11 ep3
Here is Angie Perez (Eva's daugther who is also a ECC Teacher), standing between Richard and Anita during an afternoon presentation. Anita also says that they had a yearly pow wow there that the whole school participated in. Most of the children even got dressed for the pow wow. k13 ECC Pow wow The teachers lined up their classes, as the Pow wow music played, they circled around the Lipan teepee and kept going around until all the classes were under the covered area. Anita joined the group by dancing back and forth. Everyone was over whelmed and felt that the presentation was very educational. It started at 2 p.m. and ended at 5 p.m., but no one wanted to leave. After the Pow wow Richard spoke to the children about the Lipan Apache foods. This was a very different presentation for Richard and Anita from the others they had done previously.