Visit to El Remolino

June 8, 2009
Anita and Richard were in El Remolino where along the river some of their families lived. Richard says that the people nearby El Remolino received them very well and he made some new friends. They visited this area 4 times as well as other surrounding towns where their families lived. The weather was very warm but the water was very pleasant and clear. Richard reflects on his visit and says, "It was such a indescribable feeling to be on the same ground where our families lived and we could only imagine how our ancestors must have felt to be forced from this beautiful place. There were still signs of where they lived and we left with prayers that many of our families who can not visit these areas will see where they come from and remember".
Photos by Anita Anaya
1935 Ruins Anita enjoying the cooling rapids of the river. The cliffs El-Remolino-ejido1 About 27 miles er2
Old oven Old-Ruins1 Used as an oven River